textile sculpture and video, 2020

(c) Ink Agop

The spacious installation “Cuddle Slugs”, consists of two textile sculptures and two video works. The video works are recordings of performances by the same titles: “Las Trenzas” (2017) and “When the Bats Fly” (2020), which were created in the public space of Mexico City and Kumasi. The 5 x 5m long arms of the textile sculptures are composed of the costumes from the respective performances. Intertwined they run from the room’s center towards the two screens. Thus, the performers’ outfits, visible in the video, are assembled to form a new body, resembling slugs lazily lingering in the room, inviting the visitors to cuddle and lounge. The form is inspired by my former accidental roommate a Limax maximus, a Leopard Slug and their facinating reproduction ritual in which alien-like ice blue leaves come out of their heads.