No Cover / No Cubrir
collaboration with Sergio Valenzuela, 2014

The one year research examined the context between performer, spectator, observer, commentator, documentarian and audience. The project concluded in the performance No Cover / No Cubrir with seven dancers. The performers in the costumes become sculptures. The scenario was a performative installation. Pfalzer and Valenzuela served as hosts who created a situation where the audience had the possibility to move freely in the space, take pictures, talk and exchange thoughts about the performance via a microphone.

The performative videos Prototype 1-5 served as research for No Cover / No Cubrir. The audience can witness the process in detail; accessing tests, moments of failure, documentation and commentary upon the research.

GAM Santiago de Chile, 2014
with Teresa Alcaíno, Claudia Vicuña, Eyal Meyer, María Betania González, Pedro Paiva, Rodrigo Chaverini, Macarena Astudillo, Damian Ketterer, Macarena Campbell, Paulina Vielma, Julio Cerda, Sebastian Ruiz, Isabel Torres, Felipe Bracelis, Francisco Herrera,

Natural History Museum Vienna, 2014
with Isabel B., Irati Alonso, Paula Montecinos, Francesca Manfreda, Domi Dorf, Danilo Sepúlveda, Jakob Egger, Anna Spanlang, Max Kropitz

Prototype 4, RAW MATTERS, Schikaneder Vienna, 2013

Image 1-2 © Fabian Andres Cambero
Image 3 video still © Lilly Pfalzer
Image 4 © Max Kropitz
Videos © Sergio Valenzuela and Lilly Pfalzer