in collaboration with Marshall Vincent


Imagine being on a ship. In all the warmth, the wind blows through your notches, as you can see cold water flowing in the distance. Blue fabrics waving at me. Wrap yourself into curtains as soft tunes troll into our Somatic Nervous System. And sound vibrations rupture on naked skins. My clothes are an extension of your breathing. Lie down on a wooden floor. Rub your face onto your shoulder.

How to bring back the body memory of a hug? Sunny Pfalzer’s immersive installation Rub your face onto your shoulder in collaboration with Marshall Vincent tells stories about togetherness, vandalism and romance. The installation consists of textile sculptures and a listening mediation. The work is activated by the artist Sunny Pfalzer and the musician Marshall Vincent in a live performance. In 2020 the pastel-colored t-shirts, pants and blouses constructing the installation were worn by six performers. This gang of six protested, flirted, played, danced and cuddled in those fabrics. They became morphing monuments that sprayed pink color on each other in a slow dance. While rolling together and holding each other, they became a collective body in a performance. Afterwards their clothes were cut and sewed together again, in order to form a creature that visitors now are invited to dwell in. In the street the bodies were active. Now they want to lie down, relax and reflect. The installation is a space to digest and process emotions after the adrenalin rush. Something we might not see, but merely feel. Something we might not be able to read about, but to share as we meet.