WIR BEFINDEN UNS nicht - Kann ein Text eine Performance sein? diploma thesis and performance 2016, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

Can a text be a performance? This thesis examines the relationship between text and performance. As a basis to this question, the performative writing practice of Lilo Nein and Hélène Cixous are analyzed. The difference between the performative and the performance in terms of the text is specified. This is further supported by the critical ethnographic theory of D. Soyini Madison and the political, philosophical position of Chantal Mouffe, by looking at their writings in terms of specific relations between performer / author, audience and the public. Through this analysis, I have developed my antagonistic and site-specific performative writing practice. This strategy engages with theoretically argued passages and performative writing.

The theoretical analysis used rooms of the Academy to act as chapters. This links physical space to the movement and behaviour of the people inhabiting them. These actions create an interface within the ideas to intervene within as actions.

The impulse for the link of written structure and physical space and behaviour were given by the performance Moderation / Intervention (Rundgang, Academy of fine Arts Vienna 2016). The performance speaks about historical elements of imperialism and the interventions of activist groups anchored in architecture. A modified script of that performance can be found in the middle of the book and within an installation, on a turquoise yoga mat.

The reader can thus walk through the described places or chapters during the reading and follow the instructions of the book.

Image 1-7 © lilly pfalzer
Image 8 video still © julia marx