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collaboration with Sergio Valenzuela, 2015

Who is the appropriator? Who is appropriating whom? How do these notions of understanding and misunderstanding evolve through collaboration? Through the duration of the performance, this exchange is emphasized via a point-of-view camera from my own perspective. Providing documentation of the action and aesthetically addressing the preconceptions of modern dance techniques.

An adapted version Edit me again in collaboration with Anna Spanlang was presented in November 2015 at MUMOK Stiftung Ludwig Wien. In this version the performers appropriate the other’s memory, telling autobiographic stories about civil disobedience. Responding to the context it questions the given preconceptions of performance art within the museum context and the role of the architecture. In this version a person behind the camera adapts to role of performer and documentarian.

Image 2,3,5 video still © Kunsthalle Wien 2015, Maximilian Pramatarov
Image 4,5 video still © lilly pfalzer
Image 1, 4 © lilly pfalzer
Image 6-7  © Anna Spanlang