Workshop/Intervention, 2019

danseatlier Copenhagen © Rakel Thorning-Vater 2019
with: with Birgitte Skands, Lukas Racky, Nina Adelajda Olczak and Snorre Jeppe Hansen; Danseatelier Copenhagen 2019; Photos by Rakel Thorning-Vater

Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Department of performative Arts (c)Lilly Pfalzer2019
with: Luna Ghisetti, Barbara Neu, Mario Strk, Eva Frühling

Gangs of performative Activism is a workshop and an intervention, which focuses on performative strategies in activism historically and in the present and on the question through which embodied experiences a community can form. The workshop overviews Pfalzers previous research and compares the performative strategies of: activist groups such as Pussy Riot; art collectives such as Guerilla Girls, and the structural approach of projects like Silent University and will provide an analysis of the methodologies of performative activism, such as: costume/anonymity/uniform, collective empathy, common objectives, collaborative actions like singing in a choir. The group engages with the methodologies of performative activism, embodies them and prepares for an intervention in public space to experience the strength and perils of anonymity, communal bodies and collective identity. The intervention attempts to irritate daily conventions of moving and witnessing. The workshop is an attemt to share the desire of moving differently on the street.